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Frome dog walkers take issue with council’s park proposals

A LARGE group of local dog walkers have banded together in response to the proposal of introducing dog control orders in Frome. 

The group is campaigning for ‘Victoria Park Unleashed’, so that dogs can continue to be off the lead in the park before 10.00am and after 6.00pm in the summer months and at all times during winter months.

This is in response to a decision made at an internal affairs committee of Frome Town Council meeting where it was decided that dogs must be kept on leads at all times in Victoria Park, among other measures including dogs not being allowed in areas with play equipment.

A questionnaire was put out by the council in April asking for the public’s views on the matter. Many Frome dog walkers responded however saying that some of the questions were “too vague” and did not provide enough indication of the rules that the council was planning to introduce.

As a result, they are asking the council to “set aside this decision and take no further action regarding dog control orders until there has been proper notice of proposed changes and proper consultation with the public.

“We ask that the procedure is begun again and notice properly given of the terms of the order sought.”

Dog control orders are a government initiative designed to encourage the co-existence of dog walkers along with other members of the public on council-owned land. Measures include making sure owners clear up after their dogs, something that Frome dog walkers completely support and is already a legal requirement.

Representatives from the Frome Dog Walkers group have asked to attend the next council meeting to explain their views on the proposals.