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Frome Market Place rejuvenation is a step closer

FROME Town Council has submitted a detailed planning application to improve the Market Place in what they describe as “a ground-breaking project to regenerate the town centre.”

The planning application relates to the first phase of improvements which it is hoped will be started later this year.

The first phase includes: • New natural stone paving • New seating • Feature lighting with a new power supply to support markets and events within the Market Place • Repair of the Boyle Cross monument and reinstatement of the fountain • The removal of the majority of parking around the monument so that it becomes a more effective focal point, with more space for people to gather and sit to enable more creative use of the space for markets and events.

The plans are detailed on the Frome Town Council website www.frometowncouncil. and shows images of the planned improvements.

“These plans are all about making Frome town centre more pedestrian-friendly and ultimately a more attractive place for people to visit, shop and do business,” says the council. “They will be supplemented by a second phase of work that will make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road in the Market Place.

“This has come about because recent studies have found local people think it is important to do something about the design of the Market Place and the streets around it and make it easier for pedestrians to move around the town centre.

“By making the town centre more pedestrian-friendly, more attractive in the evening and night, providing opportunities to sit and enhancing the facilities for events, the scheme will generate additional footfall and ultimately more trade for local businesses.”

A second phase, being planned for a later date will see improvements such as:

• Wider footways using natural stone paving and lower kerbs within the Market Place; the use of tactile paving for partially sighted people

• Resurfaced and realigned carriageway to make drivers drive more slowly as they approach the Market Place

• The introduction of a 20 mph zone

• Courtesy crossings using raised tables enabling pedestrians to cross on convenient desire lines

• The removal of unnecessary and unsightly street ‘clutter’ within the Market Place

• A realignment of the bus stops which currently create congestion.

For further information visit the town council website for a detailed plan of the proposal.