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Frome Scouts Campfest 2014

Mums and dads joined Scouts for an exciting Scoutfest camping on the Frome Showfield at West Woodlands. 

For all of them it was a weekend so different to normal. All kinds of menus and methods of cooking proved challenging to feed the nearly 500 under canvas. At least one hay-box was in use to ensure tasty meals. At the same time the boys and girls were learning, or showing their skills, taking on 24 challenges, plus other ‘dares’ like crossing two high monkey bridges built on the site.

The challenge ranged from, for example, firing water bottle rockets high into the sky, covering long distances throwing Dutch arrows, running their version of the Field Gun race. Each troop used its rope work skills to make original gateways to enter their camping areas; some built a ballista to hurl drinks tins at a target, or a walking triangle which needed great skill to handle once achieved. Rifle shooting and archery were also in much demand.

Highlights were a big picnic in fancy dress, a talent contest, disco and films.

Eight Scout groups were taking part, not only from Frome but Coleford, Rode, North Mendip, Shepton Mallet and Wells. Younger Beavers and Cubs were there for day activities, whilst Scouts and teenage Explorers camped, along with older Network members, some of whom as Young Leaders and chosen to go to Japan next year for the World Jamboree, took an active role in ensuring the camp ran smoothly.

Adults from the service team, who had been busy for a week preparing the site. played their part. The Scouts Active Support, mainly former Scouts, ran the tuck shop, with cakes, tea and ice creams all part of their task.

District commissioner, David Dunn, as camp chief, and leader of the Scouts Own service, presented leaders with wood badges, certificates for long service and for skill training.

He described the success of the Scoutfest as a marvellous example of the Scout standards in the Frome district. He said, “If only we had even more adults helping, like those who had enjoyed the weekend, we could take even more young people into the troops.

“As it is, our numbers have been increasing year after year and that shows how important Scouting is in our community.”