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People of Frome warned – SLOW DOWN!

Community Speed Watch members Ashley Reay,  cllr Eve Berry and Terry Drake near Berkley School.

Community Speed Watch members Ashley Reay,
cllr Eve Berry and Terry Drake near Berkley School.

OVER 1,700 motorists  have been caught speeding in a three-month period in Frome, with over 850 prosecuted, as Police and Community Speed Watch crackdown on an increasing problem. 

The latest figures released by the Frome Community Speed Watch team show that speeding is a big problem in the town and surrounding areas as recordings between April and June show 1,702 motorists were either sent a warning letter, had roadside education by the traffic police or were prosecuted. The number of those reported for prosecution  totalled over 850 and all areas of Frome where speeds are checked showed an increase on the previous three months.

The team reports, “Speeding continues to grow and anyone who thought that speeding checks were only a short term thing are going to be sorely disappointed as the speed enforcement unit now operate with not only camera vans, but specialist motorcycle units.”

Ashley Reay from  Community Speed Watch said that the figures were more than disappointing, especially as much effort had gone into education, with a recently held focus week where the public could attend various free events to learn about the dangers of speeding.

“In less than three years, over 8,000 motorists have been recorded as exceeding the speed limit by at least 17% and  over 4,000 have been prosecuted. You simply cannot have speeds of 62mph and 61mph as were recorded recently at Berkley School and Culverhill respectively. These are motorway speeds and offer little chance if an accident should occur or a child be crossing the road.

“Speeds outside  Berkley School average  some 44.2 mph when checked by CSW, some 46% above the legal limit; an alarming and quite outrageous level of disregard for the children and staff who attend there.

“Community Speed Watch and the Police do everything they can to offer education, and by sending warning letters, but at the end of the day if the motorist will simply not slow down, then they will suffer the inevitable consequences.

“The speed enforcement unit,  the police, and CSW check speeds almost daily within the town and if those speeding have not been caught, then it is only a matter of time before an easily-avoided situation comes to the attention of the authorities.”