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Phone and Pay… then Go!! in Frome

Finding the correct change for parking meters could be a thing of the past for visitors to Mendip. 

A new Phone and Pay system has been introduced, allowing people who park in Mendip District Council run car parks to pick up their phones instead of their wallets.

Although the new Phone and Pay service has been in place since April an official launch recently took place on 11th July, attended by representatives from all the involved partners.

Once registered with the service, users of Mendip car parks will only need to phone 01823 210 302 or text 07786 207 708 quoting their location number, length of stay and payment card details to complete payment. After the parking has been paid no ticket is required and an optional reminder is also offered to make sure no-one goes over their paid stay.

Nigel Taylor, portfolio holder for Regulatory Services said, “This new system has been found to be successful elsewhere in the country and we decided that it was time Mendip adopted it too. Not only will it make the last minute search for change a thing of the past, it will also be a help to our local business community and work towards our goal of supporting business and the local economy.”

If visitors wish to extend their stay they can simply phone or text again and add on time, eliminating the need to return to their vehicle and waste valuable shopping time.

The service has been rolled out across council run car parks in Mendip.

A spokesperson for Bemrose Mobile who operate Phone and Pay said, “We are thrilled to be rolling out our service within the council-run car parks of Mendip.  ‘Phone and Pay’ is a quick and secure way to pay for parking and once a motorist has used the system the first time, their details will be retained for future use to make parking even more convenient.”

For more information regarding Phone and Pay please visit