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Miss-Hits tennis comes to Frome

The first wave of a new tennis initiative for five to eight year old girls will be starting here in Frome on Saturday 27th September.

Miss-Hits is a programme developed by Andy Murray’s mother, Judy, in conjunction with British Tennis. Its aim is to encourage young girls to try tennis and see what fun it can be. Currently there are about four times as many boys entering the sport as there are girls taking up tennis.

Judy said, “We’re really proud to have brought this programme together to offer young girl’s something completely different. If girls are going to get involved in tennis and stay in tennis, we need them to have really positive experiences of the sport and Miss-Hits does just that. It’s girly and friendly, and at the same time it’s cool and trendy. I think it will appeal to a lot of girls out there who love playing active games and learning new skills.”

Miss-Hits will be held at Frome Sports Centre on Saturdays through this autumn at 12.30 – 1.30pm and run by a qualified Frome Selwood Tennis Club coach, trained for Miss-Hits by Judy Murray.

There are eight places available. For more information visit the Frome Selwood Tennis Club website