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Preparing for Frome Poppy Appeal

Dear Sir,

We are a few weeks away from the start of the Poppy Appeal, and by now everyone must be aware that this is a special centenary year.  The donations made over the Remembrance fortnight have always gone to help those who have served in the armed forces, starting from a few years after the end of WW1 when it became clear that the need was great.  WW1 was 100 years ago, so we remember what they did but its impact on us is at one or two removes.

Apart from those who fought in WW2, nowadays the veterans needing help are more likely to be from the Falklands or the Middle East wars, where modern medical advances mean that there are more survivors after trauma, but the injuries are often life-changing.  Civilians forget wars as soon as they can, but the needs of those who served often remains for life.  While we admire the feats of those at the Invictus Games, we must remember that prosthetic limbs are expensive and need replacing periodically in order for these brave people to continue to be independent and active.

The Poppy Appeal raises funds in order to provide for the continuation of care, even when wars go from the headlines.  People have always been generous givers to the cause and we have no doubt that this will continue.

There are a couple of fundraising events coming up, to start this year’s appeal.  The proceeds from the next RBL quiz are going to it – a fun way of giving.  It is on Thursday 9th October at the Cricket Club and if you would like a table for four please contact us on 07854 818286.  And if you fancy making an individual felt poppy, Millie Moon is running a class on Catherine Hill and giving the proceeds from that.  It is on 4th November and book by phone on 464650.

Before closing, I would like to pay tribute to Brian Buckland, who passed away recently.  He helped create the strong community partnership we have with Sainsbury’s in Frome, and was the inspiration behind the store’s Armistice Day ceremony.  Right up to the last week of his life he was busy preparing for this year’s event, and even though we will miss him, his work will live on.

Maggy Daniell

Honorary Poppy Appeal organiser, on behalf of the team.