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An invitation from Frome Quakers

Many people know of Quakers because of their Testimony to Peace, first given to Charles II in 1660 and still part of their way of worship. 

The testimony is an integral part of their beliefs today, but beyond that many people know little of The Religious Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers.

Lorna Thomas, on behalf of Frome Quakers said, “Do you wonder how silence can be worship? How can a spiritual guidance be maintained with no doctrine or priest to lead us in worship? Or do you just wonder if Quakers eat porridge for breakfast and wear dull clothes?

“This year marks the anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War ‘the war to end all wars’ and yet there are still very few places on the globe without conflict. In their reaching out for peace and in commemoration of those, both armed and civilian, who lost their lives in WW1, the local Frome Quaker Meeting would like to invite you to share with them a short time of worship.

“On Sunday 12th October you are warmly invited to join us in this special Meeting at the Key Centre, opposite Christchurch First School, Feltham Lane (BA11 5AJ).

“There will be tea and welcome at 4.00pm, with a short introduction to the Quakers before a 20 minute time of silent worship. Afterwards, if you wish, there will be tea, delicious cakes and opportunity to ask questions and have informal discussion, ending 5.30pm at latest. There is no cost or donation required at all. Everyone is welcome, including families with children.”