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Frome musician to perform in front of thousands at Wembley

A FROME musician is to perform at Wembley Arena later this month as part of a David Icke concert. 

Louisa Patterson from Frome who uses the stage name Louisa Love will take to the stage to perform at one of the biggest venues in the UK.

Former professional footballer, writer and speaker, David Icke, says he is going to be exposing truths and talking about conspiracy theories at the event which is called Awaken. The final hour of the event will be filled with drummers, dancers and a few performers. Louisa from Frome will be singing as part of the  programme.

Louisa said, “I still can’t quite believe I’ll be singing at Wembley arena in less than a month! The music is aimed at really unifying and uplifting everyone. I’ll be singing two original songs, called ‘Divided’ and ‘Illusions’.  Illusions is particularly poignant for this gig, as it is about denial, and how we often do not want to step out of our comfort zone in order to bring in the necessary change for our spiritual evolution.

“I didn’t audition for the event, or look for a gig. I met this really wonderful person, Zachary, a few months ago during a Theta Healing course I was on. I invited him over for dinner, and sang him a few songs. He then announced that he was organising the music and entertainment for the David Icke concert at Wembley, and offered me the gig.

”Can you handle singing in front of 10,000 people?” I remember him asking.  I then thought of this Richard Branson quote I read on Facebook that said, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” I said yes of course!  I’m trying to turn any nerves into excitement. This is my 8 minutes’ opportunity for these beautiful songs to be heard. It is such an honour to be performing, not only at Wembley, but also at a David Icke event.

“Since this awakening many beautiful opportunities have been presenting themselves. The universe has a great sense of humour putting me on stage with Icke at a concert called ‘Awaken’. Clearly I have to be ready for it. It is so much bigger then me.”

Tickets are from £39.75 to £61.75 and are available from