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Anne Frank group formed in Frome

Last week saw the inaugural meeting of The Frome Anne Frank Society, and next week will be the day that Anne was transferred to Bergen- Belsen in 1944 where she died at the age of 15, a victim of the Nazi gas chambers. 

Alwyn Dow, on behalf of the society said, “This group has been formed in the age old tradition of ‘Lest we forget’ as some seem to have done, and as demonstrated recently in Frome by the visit of the controversial Professor Pappe by invitation of the ‘Friends of Palestine.’ In time (not so honourable) tradition he blamed the Jews for everything including the problems in Gaza. Haven’t we heard all this before?

“The Anne Frank Trust calls on us to ‘challenge prejudice and reduce hatred,’ and we hope that our small group will be a step in that direction. We therefore welcome all who would like to share these principles and not the ‘blame culture’ of others who live here.

“Olivia Duvverley and Adam Masters were elected joint vice chairs and would like to hear from you on 01373 474879. Please check out the Anne Frank Trust website for more.”