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Unique VHS tape recycling for Frome

Would you like to give ‘ET’ a new home, ‘Rambo’ a new lease of life and ‘be there’ for your old ‘Friends’ videos?

Frome Town Council is teaming up with local specialist plastic recyclers Protomax to offer a unique video tape recycling service to Frome residents.

The new VHS recycling bin will be available at the recycling area at the side of the Cheese and Grain in Market Yard from 17th October – 1st December. The tapes will then be lovingly recycled into benches and planters for Frome by Protomax.

Town Mayor, cllr Peter Macfadyen (IfF) said, “Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose and recycling it saves around 76% of the energy needed to make new plastic products. Protomax are one of the only companies in the country that can recycle hard to treat items like VHS tapes (box, cassette and all!), so we’re very lucky to have them in Frome.”

Mark Lloyd from Protomax added, “There are 1.5 billion cassettes lurking unwanted in British homes taking up space. These VHS tapes each took about one-sixth of a gallon of petroleum to make. We will give them a new lease of life and make benches and planters for Frome.”