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‘We Will Remember Them’ – Poppy Appeal 2014 is launched in Frome

Liz Hudson, Alan Peto & Maggie Daniell from the Poppy Appeal

Liz Hudson, Alan Peto & Maggie Daniell from the Poppy Appeal

AS this year’s Poppy Appeal is launched,  people are asked to be as generous as ever – whether it be buying a poppy or volunteering to help with collections. 

Last year, over £22,500 was raised in Frome and Nunney, and organisers hope the appeal can raise an impressive amount again this year.

Taking place in the fortnight before Remembrance Sunday, the Poppy Appeal is a key way the Royal British Legion raises money to support members of the armed forces community, and veterans of all ages and their families.

Maggy Daniell, Poppy Appeal organiser for Frome and Nunney said, “Remembrance Sunday is when we will think about the sacrifice made by all those who lost their lives or whose lives were changed forever.  The Poppy Appeal gives you a chance to show that you value what they have done on our behalf, by wearing a poppy and by donating towards the welfare work done by the Royal British Legion for service veterans, both old and young.

“What comes over strongly from being part of the Poppy Appeal is that it is fun and it is a team effort.  It also has tremendous support from the town; it is genuinely a real and huge community activity.  Lots of the volunteers have nothing to do with the services, and the same can be said for the venues and organisations which back it each year. The public contribute so generously during the fortnight and turn up in large numbers for the Remembrance Sunday parade and service.

“The service organisations do of course play a significant part, but they are also an integral part of town life – just look at all the groups who join the parade.  The Poppy Appeal is a real community affair, and an amazingly positive one.  It is hard to think of anything that unites a community, and a nation, in a similar way.”

The Frome Poppy Appeal team recently held a preparation day in readiness for the build up to this year’s effort. Maggy added, “The team we had for the preparation worked all day in a cheerful, chatty and productive way; the boxes and tins were all shifted for us oldies by the cadets; and we are soon to deliver collecting tins to the shops etc who will be equally supportive – it really is great.”

If you can help with the Poppy Appeal collections, please contact Maggy on 07854 818 286. Maggy says, “It isn’t a big commitment – just two hours of your time would help enormously.”

Remembrance Sunday will be marked on the 9th November. The parade will form at Keyford Drill Hall at 10.35am, leaving at 10.45am and will arrive at the war memorial for a service starting at 10.58am.