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Frome retiree publishes first novel

LOCAL man, David K Bryant, has released his first full-length novel, titled ‘Tread Carefully on the Sea’ at the age of 68.

David said, “The book was conceived as a prequel to ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson, but I think it has grown beyond that into a strong tale of adventure and love set against the exotic backcloth of the Caribbean and the New World. Its readers should see something of themselves in all its characters as they suffer their travails and make their decisions.”

David’s story takes the reader into the world of Captain Flint and the crew of his pirate ship, the Walrus. Flint abducts the Governor of Jamaica’s adopted daughter, Jessica, but the ransom handover is botched.

Jessica and her Royal Navy paramour, Captain Michael Townsend, are then taken on a drama-packed voyage across the Caribbean. There is disease, heartbreak, bare-knuckles boxing and all-out adventure while Flint risks his life to avert a possible mutiny and the hangman. Bryant says the characters’ believability is what raises the bar of this tale.

He said, “This is an escapist yarn in the tradition of high adventure but in much more user-friendly language than the old classics. It’s exciting, involving, a bit tear-jerking and is pure adventure and romance. What’s more it’s a book for all ages. There’s violence, essentially in a story like this, but it’s not gruesome and I don’t think there’s anything in the story that parents wouldn’t want their kids to read.”

David K Bryant is no stranger to adventure in his own life, having worked as both a journalist on a daily newspaper and in high-level public relations positions for several organisations.

He twice worked on behalf of late prime minister Margaret Thatcher: first by promoting a major piece of legislation for her government and then handling the police-media communication following the bombing of the Grand Hotel, Brighton, during the Conservative Party conference in 1984.

David and his wife Stephanie have been married for 40 years.

‘Tread Carefully on the Sea’ is available as an ebook or paperback from Amazon or Solstice Publishing.

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