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Independents for Frome looking for ambitious people

THE Independents for Frome are looking for new candidates to continue the success they have already achieved. 

The Independents for Frome (IfF) have been leading Frome Town Council since May 2011 and with the upcoming lections in May 2015 the IfF need new people to drive them forward.

Councillor Mel Usher said, “We think we have achieved some notable successes over the last few years. Although we may not have got everything right, we have been full of ambition and energy.

“Some of the current IfF councillors will put their names forward again but all potential candidates will be selected by an independent panel and then of course by the voters.

“We pride ourselves on working together co‐operatively with openness and respect for others’ views. We are not interested in scoring petty political points, toeing the party line or just doing the same old things.

“So contact us if you love Frome but want to make it better, have lots of ideas but haven’t been able to find an outlet, are prepared to work hard in the community, think party politics have no place at a local level and want to have some fun. See what we have achieved on or email us at 2015@ If you think you might want to stand or if you just want to help, email your details and we will get back to you.”

The next IfF meeting is on Sunday 21st December at 3pm at the Cheese and Grain.