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Anger at planned new houses near to school

RESIDENTS have expressed their anger at a planned new housing development next to a school which they say will be “hazardous.”

An application for seven houses to be built on a small piece of land adjacent to Critchell Special Needs School has been submitted to Mendip District Council and residents living nearby say this will add to what is already a traffic hotspot.

Further to the traffic concerns local residents also fear that the building work may interfere with wildlife in the area.

Local resident Donna Mallozzi-Corner said, “ It is a fast busy road with three schools in this area all next to each other. The road is almost impassable at school times and the schools have issues with people parking in the school car parks at the best of times. You often find cars parked all up the road and on the housing estate behind causing traffic jams.

“More houses being built along this road is only going to cause more chaos to the area which is already hazardous with adults, children, dog walkers, horses plus the disabled children who have to commute by vehicle to the special needs school. It is just insane and this land should have never been given outline permission in the first place and now the council is considering planning permission for seven large houses on this very small piece of land on a dangerous road.

“The local residents who do know about this application are furious that this land could even be considered due to many reasons. There are many places in and around Frome that would be better places to build.”

Residents can have their say on the planned building work by submitting letters to Mendip District Council by Monday 2nd March.

Donna added, “I phoned up the council this morning to say the planning notice was not on the field in question where they are looking to build – the notice is out the way on a telegraph pole on a track by the school – and I was shocked and humiliated by the planning officer in charge.

“He just laughed and said that if people don’t see it then it’s their fault for not reading it. I cannot believe his response. I urge the people of Frome to support the fight against this.”

To view the planning documents associated with the application visit Mendip District Council’s website and use reference  2014/2641/REM.