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Independent takes the plunge into politics

A SCUBA instructor who runs his own watersports business has decided to stand as a candidate in this May’s general election. 

Ian Angell who lives in Hambridge with his wife and stepson, will be seeking to represent the constituents of Somerton and Frome.

Ian is no stranger to the area since his family all live locally and Ian attended school in Frome before heading to Nursing College in London and qualifying as a Registered Nurse. His career took him to Yorkshire for eight years where he began to develop an interest in diving, and after a year overseas he moved back to Somerset and opened a dive centre in Taunton.

Ian said, “Many people talk to me about the fact that politicians seem to care more about their own party’s ambition rather than the concerns of the local area. I’m not a career politician but have an interest in national and local issues. I grew up and went to school in Frome and want to represent the people who live in Somerset. The only way I feel this can be done fairly is by standing as an independent MP.”

Some of the local issues he will be trying to fight for are: farmers to get a fair price for their products, particularly milk; large developments within towns and villages investing in the infrastructure of the area to make sure it can deal with the increased demands made upon it, and making sure we stay on top of the local flooding issues.

Nationally he hopes to make sure there is a referendum on staying within the European Union, and look to make the NHS stronger, and able to cope with the demands of 21st Century man.

Although he doesn’t expect to win, Ian said, “It would be great to see everyone going out on 7th May and voting regardless of who they favour. It has taken nearly 190 years for everyone over 18 to get a vote. In our democratic society whoever gets the majority wins…If you don’t vote you can’t make a difference.”

Ian will be organising and attending meetings throughout the election campaign and welcomes people’s views on what they feel are local issues that need addressing. But one thing he won’t be doing is knocking on doors.

He said, “I have to confess that I hate it when politicians knock on my door so I won’t be doing that. If people want to know more about me or my policies then they can attend a meeting or get in touch and I’ll happily go and see someone if invited.”

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