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Plans in the pipeline for Whatcombe

FOLLOWINGthe Save Our Open Spaces’ successful campaign to save Whatcombe Fields, a  management plan is now being written for the area.

The campaign, which saw local residents pull together to help raise £330,000 to buy the land, reached its target in February.  The group is now in the process of confirming the sale. Once this is done, the land will officially become a community asset owned by those who contributed.

The plan is intended to keep the green space available to be used for recreation and wildlife conservation.

Its main aims are:-

• To conserve nature and enhance biodiversity through sustainable land management, including habitat creation, tree planting, and continuing to involve animal grazing. This will involve working with experts such as Simon King and the Somerset Wildlife Trust.

• To create new meadow land for all to enjoy.

• To enable the community to shape the meadow’s future through volunteering, events and contributing to meadow management plans and key decisions.

• To provide play and education opportunities for young people, to encourage understanding and respect for nature and animals.

• To ensure that the land is protected for community and wildlife to enjoy forever.

Campaigner Anna Francis said, “This is a unique chance for the local community to have a say in how these beautiful fields are run. We will be focusing on creating new meadow lands and a space for nature and people to enjoy, now and forever.

“Solicitors are now doing the searches and paperwork necessary before contracts can be exchanged, and then a celebration can be planned!

“I’d like to thank every single person who has been involved so far, from small donations to larger investments – we couldn’t do this without you!”

If you had intended to buy a share, you may not be too late. Speak to Ruth Knagg or Anna Francis at Frome Town Council by calling 01373 475574.