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First Lady of Woodlanders elected

The Woodlanders (Somerset’s longest-running music hall) have elected their first lady chair in their 38-year history. 

Sandra Gaisford was picked to fill the vacancy left by the sudden death of Woodlanders’ previous Chairman, David Covill last year.

Sandra said, “The Woodlanders has gone from strength to strength in recent years under David’s leadership. I will look to build on that.

“While I will uphold Woodlanders history and traditions, I also believe that innovation and fresh thinking are key to ensuring any organisation thrives, especially a creative one like the Woodlanders. Exciting times lie ahead.

“We are now starting to plan our autumn show. If anyone out there would like to join us, get in touch. I could do with a couple of young men,” added Sandra, mischievously. “Strictly professionally, of course.”

Anyone interested in joining the Woodlanders’ company should contact Glyn Carpenter on 01373 462963  e: