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Friends to show off their new toy in the Westway Precinct

The Friends of Frome Hospital team will be highlighting the various aspects of their community program at a special display outside the Ellenbray Toy Shop in the Westway Shopping Precinct this coming Saturday 6th June.

The site, adjacent to the footbridge, is the location for their latest Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) unit, will allow the ‘Friends’ to explain the reasoning for this ambitious community-wide network of life-saving equipment that is able to assist anyone suffering a cardiac arrest.

It is estimated that some 60,000 people in the UK suffer a cardiac trauma each year outside of hospital care facilities, and anyone of any age can have a cardiac attack anywhere. It is understood Frome is the first community to establish a network of PAD units, which can be accessed 24/7 within a few minutes from anywhere across the town.

Also, the ‘Friends’ will be explaining the assistance they provide not only in and around the Community Hospital and Health Park facilities, but with their outreach  program  which supports a diverse range of supplementary medical services offered by other voluntary groups.

A spokesperson for the Friends of Frome Hospital said, “We are proud to use this occasion to show the people of Frome the success in achieving our unique PAD program, and it will allow us to demonstrate the range of other activities that we do and support.

“The idea is to get more of the community involved with the Friends to help us to undertake additional care projects in the future. We look forward to welcoming people on Saturday 6th June.”