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Local concern over seven-day NHS plans

FROME healthcare practitioners say they are already working towards a future seven-day service by surgeries, a move which is being progressed by the government, but are concerned that such a transition will need to be implemented gradually, as more staff and resources are needed.

Dr. Kingston said, “Frome Medical Practice is already making steps towards a more seven-day service, but it takes time as we need the staff and resources to deliver a practical and safe health service.

“We recently set up ambulatory care ward which is run by nurses and a GP in the week where we can administer antibiotic treatments and intravenous drugs. We are in discussions with Vocare about weekend clinics so we are always thinking to the future.

“It is something to aspire to but we need the staff and the funds.”

Frome MP, David Warburton said, “A seven-day a week NHS is already working well in some parts of the country and it has to be a great opportunity for us all. We already have the best NHS in the world according to the World Health Organisation, but there’s much more to do.

“Offering a true seven-day service would be a huge benefit for local people. Of course, this would have to work for our local GPs and hospitals, so I would welcome the opportunity to talk to them about how I may be able to support them both by understanding the challenges they face and helping to overcome them.

“Continuing to build and strengthen our NHS is absolutely vital and will always be my key priority.”