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One good turn deserves another: New community scheme launched in Frome

A NEW community scheme has launched in Frome and organisers are hoping it’s as successful in the town as it has been in neighbouring communities.

Frome Time Exchange aims to offer an outlet for locals to access free services in exchange for their own skills.

Members of the community are being encouraged to visit the Facebook page and list the skills they can offer followed by what they are searching for.

The concept isn’t new; neighbourhood timebanking has been at the forefront of community networking in recent years in Frome but there has been no official outlet.

A spokesperson for the project said, “Many people are rich in time, but in the current climate not spending on extras.  We all have little jobs that get pushed to the back of the queue and this is a way to get help with those and give something back to the community.”

Beth Reeves who volunteered to helped get the project off the ground, said, “I feel Frome is such a wonderfully diverse place to live, open to new arrivals and brimming with talented people who could contribute to such a scheme.”

To get involved visit the Frome Time Exchange Facebook page.