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Residents urged to take action against litter


Rubbish on Catherine Hill

Rubbish on Catherine Hill

COMPLAINTS about rubbish building up in the street on Catherine Hill have prompted an appeal for residents to be more mindful about their waste disposal.

Somerset Waste Partnership recently announced that they are urging people to take action over the buildup of household and business waste in the Catherine Hill area.

One shopkeeper on Catherine Hill, Sharon Hall said, “The problem has become much worse in the past six months. It really is awful and the rubbish piles up literally next to my door.

“It stinks and there are huge flies buzzing around and coming into the shop. I’ve had customers come in and complain about the smell outside; it’s not nice for people visiting the town.

“It’s become a real issue recently and the town council and Somerset Waste Partnership are not a lot of help at all. I still regularly have to ring them myself to make sure the waste is removed.”

Somerset Waste Partnership has since issued a news release urging residents to help combat the problem.

They say, “Residents in the Catherine Hill area of Frome are being urged to ensure their rubbish is not put out earlier than Sunday night for the local weekly and fortnightly Monday collections.

“They are being invited to report, in confidence, any resident or business leaving rubbish in the street except at the time of a collection.

“As part of anti-litter efforts by Somerset Waste Partnership, Mendip District Council and Frome Town Council, letters are being sent to 120 households in Catherine Hill, Stony Street, Palmer Street and Paul Street after complaints about rubbish.

“The letters warn that domestic refuse is being put out on days other than the local weekly and fortnightly Monday collection day, which could lead to fines.

“The letter adds that refuse left out for long periods not only blocks access but will also attract vermin, which inevitably leads to bags being torn open. Councils can impose a fixed penalty fine as defined in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 for this offence.

“Domestic refuse should be placed out by 7am on your Monday collection day and certainly no earlier than 6pm the evening before.”

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