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Innovative Frome on stage in Germany

A four day trip to Frome’s twin town of Murrhardt by a delegation of 26 representatives from a partnership between Frome Twinning Association, Frome Town Council, Frome College and Local Businesses will commence on Thursday 8th October.

This visit will enable the  exchange of information and ideas on business, economic development, vocational training and communications (in particular Broadband).

This is the second part of a four part, two year Thematic Networking Project funded by EU and will also bring together delegations from our other twin towns of Chateau Gontier (France) and Rabka Zdroj (Poland) with the aim of sharing best practice, forging business and educational links between all four towns.

The Frome delegation will include staff and students from Frome College, including the award winning Plant Notes team.  Plant Notes was established by four enterprising students who will be presenting their exciting new product that monitors soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, soil PH levels and light intensity in plant growing environments.  The product is expected to be brought to the market with the help of industry professionals.

Another innovative Frome based team will be presenting in Murrhardt, they are Field, who are a new internet provider that has developed a wireless based system for delivering superfast broadband.  Field hope to roll out their service in 2016 supporting businesses and households in Frome and surrounding villages.

Frome Town Council will also be presenting their current ideas for developing the environmental technologies and creative business sectors within Frome.

Speaking on behalf of Frome Town Council, Peter Wheelhouse, economic development & regeneration manager said, “The trip marks a new phase in the development of our relationship with Frome’s twin towns.

“For the first time, we will be sharing ideas and knowledge that will help to develop the economies of all four towns.  This will also help put Frome at the forefront of the European map as an innovative, creative and forward thinking and welcoming place to be.”

Damon Hooton, thematic networking officer at Frome Twinning Association said, “This is continuing the exciting two year Thematic Networking Project, with Frome hosting the third event in March 2016 with the fourth and final event in Rabka Zdroj in September 2016.

“The partnership travelling to Murrhardt shows the enthusiasm and potential for growth for Frome, the sharing of best practice and knowledge marks a new era in Twinning and I would like to thank Peter Wheelhouse (FTC), Lisa Millard (Frome College) and many others who have put a great deal of time and work into making sure this event takes place and will be successful, it bodes well for our future.”

Lisa Millard, assistant principal of Frome College said. “This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the brilliant partnership work we have been doing with Frome Town Council and local businesses. We have developed real opportunities for our students through collaboration, and we are very much looking forward to sharing our success and learning about the links between business and education in our twinned towns.”