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Don’t need your Winter Fuel Payment? Fair Frome does

Winter fuel payments are due to be paid to recipients who qualify in the next couple of months. 

These are a much needed boon to many, and help to ensure that older people or those on a low income stay warm during the winter months. They are not means tested however and a number of people who may not be in need of the additional support are beginning to look at how they can redirect the funding to those who need it more.

The government website lists those who qualify and includes people born on or before 5th January 1953, those aged over 80 and/or those on specified benefits, such as pension credit, income based Job Seeker’s Allow-ance, Income Support and income-related Employment Support Allowance.

The payments may be received by one or both partners in a household and range from £100 to £300. The website provides all the relevant information and specifies whether you need to apply or if you will receive it automatically.

Wendy Miller Williams the Fair Frome Coordinator said, “Fair Frome is a charity working towards a fairer and more equitable distribution of income and opportunity for all, and provides a food bank and a variety of other support and events throughout the year. We are now actively looking at developing more practical schemes over the next year and urgently need funding.

“In response to this situation we are inviting those who qualify but do not feel they need the support of the Winter Fuel Payment to consider donating it to Fair Frome.

“The funding can then be used in a variety of other ways to ensure that it is targeted at those who need it in and around Frome.”

A number of people have already expressed an interest and the first cheque of the winter has already been donated. Fair Frome wants to get the word out to anyone who would like to donate all or some of the amount. This can be done on line at the Fair Frome Page of Local Giving or in person at 5 Palmer Street.