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Community invited to join Frome’s Global Climate March

Frome is hosting one of the thousands of climate marches that are happening around the world on Saturday 28th November, days before the Paris COP21 climate talks. 

Campaign supporter Peter Gabriel said, “This is not just a campaign for activists, but for everyone who wants to live on a planet capable of sustaining us. We will only achieve a sustainable future if global citizens demand global action.”

The Frome march starts at 11.00am on Saturday 28th November outside the Cheese and Grain. It will then go on a slow ‘march’ through the town with banners, information and music.

Co-organiser Alexia Hunt said. “This is chance to get together in solidarity, to raise awareness, make some noise, wake people up, exchange information, make some plans for the next ‘actions’ and have some fun. I’d urge everyone who can to join us.”

Starting the weekend of 28th November, people around the globe are coming together for two weeks of action calling for climate justice and an end to carbon pollution. There are thousands of events around the world planned, culminating in a mass mobilisation in Paris on Saturday 12th December.