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Parks takeover discussion expected this month

PROPOSALSfor Frome Town Council to take control of parks in the town are expected to be discussed by Mendip District Council this month.

District and former town councillor Adam Boyden has been told that the issue is to be discussed at a meeting of Mendip’s corporate assets management group on Monday 14th December.

If Mendip approves the transfer of the open space on Packsaddle Way and the games court at Chapmans Close, Frome Town Council would be given the power to improve them in line with the local community’s wishes. Currently, Mendip owns and manages the land, and any works must be approved by the district council.

Cllr Boyden said, “These open recreational spaces are not identified priorities for Mendip to improve but they are priorities for Frome and local residents. Especially so for the Packsaddle Community Group and Friends of the Mount, Marston and Keyford.

“So I will be encouraging the Mendip district councillors on CAMG to allow the town council to take over these open spaces. If that is approved, local residents who want to use and improve the spaces for all residents, with more facilities and/or a different management regime, can do so in future with the support of the town council and in consultation with the neighbours and the whole local community.”

In 2012 Frome Town Council secured a grant of almost £50,000 to regenerate Welshmill Park and  build the pump track. It is hoped that if the areas on Packsaddle Way and Chapman’s Court can be transferred from Mendip, Frome Town Council could improve other spaces  in a similar way.