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Celebration of counselling work

THE second annual ‘Wessex Week’, a week of celebration and awareness of the important work Wessex Counselling  do, took place 22nd – 27th November.

The week started with a fundraising concert by baroque group The Golden Consort.  This was the first in a series of four, the second being on Sunday 24th January 2016, at St John’s Church, Frome at 3.30pm.

A display has been set up in Frome Library with details of the services offered by Wessex Counselling. Why Wessex Counselling?

Jane Bennett from the service, explains, “In 1978 when Wessex Counselling Service was in its infancy counsellors were few and far between, apparently the nearest properly qualified ones were in Bath.  Nowadays it can feel like there is one on every street.  People often ask why we still need an organisation to provide counselling.

“Well there are three reasons.  Firstly, because we are a charity we can continue to ensure that long term counselling is available at an affordable rate.  Secondly, as an organisation we can provide a robust training and thirdly it means individuals have the opportunity to be seen within an organisation rather than take pot luck by choosing their counsellor on the internet.

“Having a choice turns out to be a very important factor in counselling being a satisfactory experience.  The We Need to Talk Coalition” headed up by MIND did a survey of people who had tried to access therapy on the NHS in 2010.  They found that people who felt that they had a choice were three times more likely to be satisfied with the treatment they received.*

“Frome residents are now very fortunate because they do have lots of choice.  They can access free short term therapies on the NHS, they can find counsellors with different theoretical approaches on the internet and they can come to Wessex which is the only organisation providing psychodynamic counselling for miles around!”

Wessex Counselling can be contacted on 01373 453355 by email: