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Oakfield’s pupils have Dogs Trust visitor

YEAR five pupils at Oakfield Academy recently found out about the work of the Dogs Trust.

Pupil Jessica McAlpine reports, “For our recent enrichment afternoon a lady  called Jayne Boundy from Dogs Trust visited Year 5.

“She showed us a PowerPoint presentation about dog re-homing centres, why dogs are re-homed, and  what it is like to work at the Dogs Trust, including how often the dogs are exercised and need cleaning.  We were shown pictures of a real life room where dogs stay, she explained it is to familiarise dogs with sofas, TV’s etc.

“She also taught us how important it is to ask the owner before you go to touch their dog.  You should never touch dogs when they are eating!  Dogs can become very protective of their food, and don’t like being watched normally when they are eating.

“At the end, the lady talked about what to do when you re-home a dog.  You should let the dog sniff your hands first—but don’t dangle your fingers over it’s nose as they look like sausages!!

“At the end a lot of year 5s spoke about how keen they would be to work for such a good cause in the future.”