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Woman leads study of Sri Lankan elephants

A LOCAL woman is conducting a study of elephant bulls in Sri Lanka and is inviting people in Frome to get involved.

Christin Minge is a behaviour  biologist who moved to Frome from Germany a couple of years ago. She is currently developing a long term project on the social behaviour of elephant bulls in Sri Lanka.

Christin said, “The study is very important to me because we will not only uncover several aspects of their secret social life, but also use this information to improve conservation measures to fight their extinction.

“This town is a special place, full of people who want to make a difference and fight for a better world. Already I’ve had amazing support and received a couple of generous donations from locals.

“By supporting this project, you become actively involved in elephant research – you will not only receive regular progress reports, but also get involved in the study itself via direct contact to the researchers through mail, phone or on site.

“The money raised will be used for the National Park fee during the pilot, additional equipment (video camera, camera traps), running costs and use of a National Park vehicle and use of office facilities.

“Also, those who donate will receive regular progress reports and I will engage with them via email. Depending on the amount of the donation, they will also receive pictures, videos and local Sri Lankan fabrics and presents.

“People can get involved not only by donating but by sharing all their thoughts, advice and questions on my Facebook.

“Help us to help the grey giants.”

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