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Operation Tonic – Christmas drink/drug driving results

Avon and Somerset Police say they are disappointed at the increased number of people caught drink or drug driving over the Christmas and New Year holiday.

A total of 155 people were arrested on suspicion of drink/drug driving offences compared with 106 in December 2014. Of those, 96 were charged compared with 59 during December  2014.

T/Chief Inspector Stuart Bell, leading the Operation Tonic road safety campaign said, “Even one driver caught driving under the influence is one too many. We are very disappointed in the increase in this year’s figures. Once we have the full information and data from the operation we will be analysing the results to try to understand why so many people felt they could take the risk and break the law.

“Our ongoing aim is to work with our partners to educate people about the dangers and consequences of drink and drug driving, and to send out a strong message that to do so is morally and socially unacceptable. Ideally we prevent all drink and drug driving, and will  aim to catch one hundred per cent of people who drink and drug drive, to deter others and to make our roads safer for all.

“We are still collating our statistics, so we don’t know for sure if the increase in drink/drug drivers is because we carried out more stop checks or more breath tests than last year, or if people just thought they could get away with it. What is clear is that these figures are too high – and we will be continuing our efforts to catch drink/drug drivers and to deter others, not just at Christmas but throughout the year.”

• 155 people were arrested on suspicion of drink/drug driving offences in Dec 2015 compared with 106 in Dec 2014.

• 96 were charged with drink/drug driving offences, compared with 59 in December 2014

• Of the 155 arrested, 48 were in the Bristol area, 21 in Bath and North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire, and 86 in Somerset.

• In Dec 2014 there were 1495 people breath tested. The Dec 2015 figures are incomplete but so far total 890.