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Fresh concerns for local bus services

LOCAL bus campaigners have expressed fresh concerns over the future of local bus services if proposed bus cuts go ahead.

Bus campaigners across the county strongly object to proposals by Wiltshire Council to reduce bus services subsidies which could see vital local services terminated.

Bus campaigner Tracey Harding fears for the future of services provided by local company Frome Minibuses. She said, “Frome Minibuses operates nearly all of their fleet within Wiltshire and it could face massive funding cuts if the proposed cuts from Wiltshire County Council go ahead. This in turn could have a knock-on effect for bus services within Frome.

“The 53 Frome to Warminster and 58 Frome to Westbury are already facing cuts to their Saturday bus funding, as well as the reduced frequency being proposed by Wiltshire Somerset County Council.

“If all of the proposed cuts being made by Wiltshire Council go ahead, this could have a knock on effect for these buses operated within Frome and the surrounding areas by Frome Minibuses.”

However, director at Frome Minibuses, Andrew Young, remains optimistic for the time being. He said, “Nothing has been decided yet and it’s all up in the air, so we’re staying optimistic about our services.

“We’re expecting some cuts but we think they will  most likely affect Sunday and evening services which we don’t provide anyway. We expect the core services that run Monday – Friday not to be affected.

“If the worst was to happen and the cuts are significant, of course it would effect  us.  There would have to be a reduction to the frequency of our services.

“But whilst there’s a possibility of cuts, our gut feeling is our services won’t be affected. The changes won’t come until early next year anyway so until then we aren’t panicking.