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Latest up-to-date speeding figures are disappointing

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The latest set of figures for motorists exceeding the speed limit in and around the Frome area since 1st Jan show little or no improvement, reports Ashley Reay from the Police Community Speed Watch (CSW) team.

He reports, “Recorded offences are now well in excess of 1,200, with Warminster Road, Frome, rapidly approaching the 1,000 mark by itself since 1st February, as the speeds there show little sign of decreasing. Indeed, by the time this article has printed, the total at this stretch of road will have exceeded that figure.

“CSW have implemented further checks at this site, with warning letters sent rather than prosecutions, but it is making no difference. The reason for police checks is that the public has been complaining that they find it difficult to cross the road in safety from Asda when they wish to visit the nearby cemetery. All police check sites for speeding are as a result of either accidents or public concerns.

“Last Saturday, police were trialling their latest handheld speed recording device at Warminster Road, Frome, which will add to their current portfolio of devices. It is the latest most up-to-date equipment available and Mendip has been chosen as one of the sites to test it in, and the devices are expected to be used from around mid-July. It is not a record to be proud of, that all new equipment is trialled or used in the Frome area due to continuing excess speeds. It is a question of when, not if, the speeding motorist will be caught and prosecuted, as until the motorists realise that speeding is not acceptable, then the police will remain in their current high numbers.

“Frome Town Council has now purchased a speed indication device, which will be sited at five different areas throughout the town and the data obtained sent to the speed enforcement unit so that the police may check at those sites with a speeding problem.

“It is difficult to understand why speeds do not reduce when it is well known that the police are using the most up-to-date day and night-time equipment. ‘000’s have been prosecuted since Jan 2019 and there have been some five deaths in and around Frome over the past six months where speed has played a part in some of these tragic events.

“The message from the police, speed enforcement and community speed watch is as it always is. Slow down just a little, arrive safely and avoid fines and points on your licence and avoid the possibility of the dreaded knock on the door telling you that a loved one has been hurt, or worse, by a speeding vehicle.”

3 Responses to Latest up-to-date speeding figures are disappointing

  1. Roger Cray

    June 7, 2019 at 11:36 am

    Surely it would be a more sensible idea if you had flashing 30mph signs at the top of the hill, I am sure this would be observed by the motorist instead of continually
    persecuting him.
    Do this and watch your figures go down

  2. Jon

    June 15, 2019 at 9:25 am

    You will always have people speeding regardless of these flashing signs, community speed watch people or anything like that. The chances of getting caught are very slim as police don’t have the numbers on road to catch them. Fixed cameras, people know where they are so speed up to them and slow down and put foot down straight away once clear of the lines. Mobile cameras, you are told where these are by other motorists flashing you and a thumbs down or a waving of the hand. Mobile cameras are usually in the same spots every time so you get to know where they are.
    Community speed watch, what a waste of time all you get is a letter saying you may have been speeding, but we’re you as half of them are so busy chatting they raise the radio gun to late or like the ones in bath a few months back didn’t even have one they were just writing car registrations down and letters were sent. I know cause I had one but my dash cam showed that I wasn’t speeding. Only way I can see a decrease in speeding is if every car is fitted with telematics box (little black box) with gps and drivers found there insurance was rising every month and as they have correct information then that could be shared with the police but as we know that will never happen people would be out raged by it and rightly so. At the end of the day everyone speeds with out realising it and probably in the 20mph limits

  3. Richardstoob

    June 18, 2019 at 1:41 am

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