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Fundraiser for town crier festival

THE first fundraiser for the 2020 town crier festival – a quiz night at Frome Cricket Club – has been organised by Mike and Angie Bishop for Thursday 11th July, at 8pm.

They report, “Mike has had a lot of feedback since our article concerning this year’s festival being the last of the original format. Mike wishes to inform his fans that the festival will still be carrying on, but just in a smaller format. This is only down to financial funding problems. 

“Mike is actually quite excited about the new format, as it will be something that no other town crier competition has tried. All the criers will walk around the town doing cries in different areas. So in actual fact, the criers will see more of our wonderful town, and more of the town will see the criers. This cuts out having to have extra expensive public liability insurance for the erection of the gazebos and chairs, plus hiring transport to get them onto site. 

“Mike hopes the town will get behind them in this new era for their festival.”

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