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International artist heads to Tucker’s Grave

NYC-based multi-instrumentalist Rachael Sage heads to Tucker’s Grave Inn on July 20th to perform her recent release PseudoMyopia, an acoustic reimagining of her critically-acclaimed album ‘Myopia’.

The title ‘PseudoMyopia’, a condition that is more commonly known as short-sightedness, is used as a metaphor to describe society’s often short-sighted approach to diversity and difference, whilst the album as a whole shows us how to challenge and change this type of bigotry. 

The track list once again shows Rachael’s flexibility as a lyricist and an artist. The gutsy and bolstering track ‘Alive’ is contrasted by the eerily unnerving ‘Snowed In’ (a track that taps into the global paranoia that sprung up following Edward Snowden’s involvement with Wikileaks). 

So, what can we expect next? Well, with the release of ‘PseudoMyopia’ and a collection of live dates already scheduled for the summer, get ready to hear a lot more from this enigmatic artist and musician. Head to her website ( to buy tickets and for more information.


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