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Free ‘MOT’ from local osteopath

The Osteopathy For All Clinic is offering a ‘free MOT’ service, giving people the opportunity to have a free examination with no obligation and find out if osteopathy can indeed help resolve their given symptoms and health challenges. 

The new clinic is based at the newly refurbished Frome Business Park, in the Marsden trading estate, offering free parking, a comfortable cafe for patients to wait in and full disabled access.

The clinic is run by Clement Rhein BSc (Hons) Ost, D.O. PGCE, an osteopath purely focused on ‘the causality model of osteopathy’ He explains, “This means that the sole focus of a consultation and treatment revolves around diagnosing the biomechanical root cause behind symptoms and ensuring that the best and optimal treatment is given to completely resolve the causal problem. 

“This approach is renown for achieving long term resolutions rather than short term symptomatic relief.

“Treatment is gentle, non-invasive and is performed fully clothed.A full explanation of which tissue is causing the pain and symptoms such as ligaments, muscles, spinal discs, bones, or organs is given. More importantly, the root cause and reasons why the given tissues are mechanically disturbed and have given rise to symptoms are explored and subsequently completely resolved with the optimal specific treatment.”

Clement has built a wealth of experience since 2005, working with patients of all ages across Europe and beyond, including babies and children, pregnant women, athletes, the elderly and everyone in between. He is commonly called to osteopathic clinics as a consultant to assist other osteopaths with certain challenging patient cases, providing the perfect opportunity for osteopaths to learn how to differentiate their diagnosis from effects and compensations to true causative issues.

Clement has been teaching other osteopaths since 2012. He is currently working on preparing his doctorate in osteopathy, as well as developing his own teaching courses for osteopaths already in practice. He also runs regular public lectures covering a variety of health topics from a causality-based interpretation.

Simply give the clinic a call or message on 07400 034 042 to have a chat about your health concerns or to book an appointment. For more information visit or to keep in the loop about upcoming events and lectures visit and “like” the Facebook page: facebook. com/Treating.The.Cause. Not.Symptoms/.

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