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Mark Bruce Company presents ‘Return to Heaven’

When it comes to multi-award-winning dance theatre companies, Mark Bruce Company is in a class of their own.  

Winner of the Sky South Bank Arts Award for ‘Dracula’ and several Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards for various productions, Mark Bruce Company consistently presents work of infinite mystery and drama to increasing audiences in the UK and abroad.   

The company’s new production, ‘Return to Heaven’, tours the UK from January 30th to April 29th.  

The premiere is on January 30th at the Merlin Theatre in Frome, where the company is based.

Drawing on the mythology of Ancient Egypt, two intrepid explorers – Dane Hurst and Eleanor Duval – set off on a journey towards a mythical land where the demons and gods they disturb unleash something within themselves…they become hounded by a freakish compound of scientists and supernatural forces who will stop at nothing in order to coerce the explorers to play their part in the resurrection of an ancient deity….

‘Return to Heaven’ runs at the Merlin Theatre from Thursday 30th January until Saturday 1st February. Visit the website for tickets: 

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