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Time to sell your classic?

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Local auctioneers Cooper and Tanner are gearing up for their Spring Classic Car, Motorcycle and Memorabilia Auction, to be held at their sale rooms, near Frome. 

The market for classic cars and bikes has never been stronger, but as senior managing partner, Quintyn Howard-Evans, pointed out, the remit for what classes as a ‘classic’ now covers a broad spectrum of styles and ages. 

He said, “I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has any type of vehicle, even a wagon or cart that they are considering selling. I can arrange for collection and secure storage and with online bidding, we will be able to reach buyers from across the globe.

“ I would urge people to be open minded about what they have in the garage as when most people think of a classic car, they may bring to mind a beautifully polished Austin Ruby, a Morris Minor or perhaps something more exotic like an E-type or Ferrari Dino. Whilst those cars and many more fit the description ‘classic’, there are many cars that were once a common sight on our road that are now a rare commodity. 

“A good example would be the Austin 11/1300 models, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis (of Mini fame). These once ubiquitous cars were badged as Austin, MG, Wolsley, and so on, with only a few differences between the various marques. They were for many years the best-selling cars in Britain through the 1960s and edging into the 1970s. They had the robust ‘A’ series engine but their mortal enemy was that old car killer – rust.

“British (and indeed most cars) of the period had totally insufficient rust proofing and that led to a huge decline of these vehicles in the 1980s. These days a smart and well-maintained example can fetch around £7,000-£8,000,  with rolling projects requiring work starting at around £1,000. 

“I can remember buying one to run around in for about £30 – so they have definitely seen a huge turn around in values. There are many other once-common cars that can be added to the list including the ‘hot hatches’ of the 80s and 90s, all the Ford Escort variants with even the MKIII picking up in value and of course more complex cars such as MKI Audi Quattros now fetch very strong money”.

The sale will also include motorcycles of all ages and conditions as well as motoring memorabilia. All types of enamel garage signs, car mascots, workshop manuals, motoring books etc will also be consigned to the sale. What were once considered throw away items are now very sought after. 

Quintyn Howard-Evans said,  “Quite often a car collector will like to decorate his garage with the appropriate signage, pamphlets and even glass-globed petrol pumps. Particularly sought after are enamel signs for petrol companies or for example the AA, originality is key, even if the condition is a bit battered or oily!”

The date for the sale is yet to be confirmed, if you would like more information or to ask about no obligation advice on any vehicle or item that might be suitable to be included in the auction, please contact Quintyn Howard-Evans on or Tel: 01373 852419 

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  1. Chris Osborne

    February 16, 2020 at 4:55 pm

    Can you give me an exact date for your classic vehicle car auction in the spring.
    Many thanks Chris Osborne (Ex Crossway Garage Coleford).

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