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New services to support those in isolation in Frome

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A NEW food delivery service to support people in isolation has been launched by Frome Town Council.

Full details can be found at:

It is aimed at people who are isolated at home and don’t have an active support network to call on and covers emergency food parcels and bespoke shopping.

“We are ramping up our community support again this week to deliver new services to support those in isolation in Frome,” says the council.

“Are you isolated at home and don’t have an active support network to call on? Do you have relatives who could benefit from these services?  We appreciate that you may not need these services yourself, but you may know of someone who is isolated that you can’t help, and this maybe a lifeline for them.

“Please visit the website for full details or call 01373 465757 if you, or someone you know, needs assistance. Lines are normally open Monday to Thursday, 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am – 4:30pm (with the exception of the Easter bank holidays).”

Services include:

  • FruberEats Emergency Food Parcels

This is an emergency food parcel delivery service for those who have no support system and designed specifically for those residents of Frome who are running low on supplies and unable to visit the shops for basic necessities. The service will run Monday to Friday, and a team of volunteers will pack and deliver the emergency parcels. There are two varieties to choose from:

  1. This parcel will contain basic, non-branded essentials and might include items such as bread, milk, eggs, butter, tinned goods, cereal, toilet roll, soap and a small selection of fresh fruit and vegetable depending on availability – £20
  2. A smaller parcel which will contain fresh fruit & vegetables, it may also include perishables such as milk and bread depending on availability – £5.

Payment for the parcels will be payable by card.  The parcels will be packed and delivered safely following strict guidelines and social distancing. Read about these guidelines on the website.

To arrange for an emergency delivery, please call 01373 465 757, where a team member will take details and make the arrangements.

  • ShopForMe Bespoke Shopping

This service is for bespoke shopping; it allows more people to isolate properly for longer and therefore ultimately supports the NHS.

“It is particularly important to ensure that our over 70’s don’t make unnecessary trips to the supermarket,” says the council. “Again, a call to the 01373 465 757 number where your details will be taken, and you will be matched with one of the many fantastic volunteers that have come forward.

“We hope to find volunteer that is local to you, they will liaise directly with you and the intention is they will include your bespoke shopping during their own food shop to minimise the number of trips made to a supermarket.”

  • Dog Walking is also available. If you’re unable to exercise your dog the council will try and match you with a volunteer resident who lives local to you who will be able to walk your dog as part of their daily exercise. Again, there are specific guidelines on how to safely carry this service out on the website.

“Please help to spread the word of these new services for those in isolation in Frome,” added the council. “ It’s for those who really don’t have a support network or for those whose network they normally rely on is self isolating and not in a position to help.

“If you would like to volunteer  to help with these services, please sign up, again full details are on the website.”

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