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Launch of Food at Five takeaway service

Fair Frome, the locally-based charity, has continued to find ways to meet the huge growth in people needing its services as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. It is now starting a takeaway hot Food at Five service, which will run every Thursday in the town. 

The charity says, “Whilst lockdown measures are being eased, many people continue to struggle to make daily ends meet and feed themselves and their families. There are significant numbers of people in the town on low incomes and zero hours or fixed term contracts who find themselves without work or are self-isolating and don’t qualify for the furlough scheme, yet still have bills to pay. The charity has seen a three-fold increase in demand for its Food Bank which is running with an almost entirely new group of volunteers.

 “One of the concerns the charity and its local partners have is the provision of hot food. Fair Frome held regular sessions 3 days per week when they provided a hot sit-down meal for people on low incomes or benefits and also ran its Holiday Hunger project for families during school holidays. The Covid regulations has meant both projects had to be put on hold. Now, Fair Frome has come up with a solution. 

Bob Ashford chair of trustees explained, “Whilst we recognised the reasons, were really disappointed when we had to close Food at Five and Holiday Hunger as they both served such a vital need. 

“That need has grown hugely in the past weeks and we have tried to help local schools by providing additional food and store vouchers for the 750 children in the town who receive income-related free school meals. That is no substitute for a hot meal though. 

“In addition to children and families, there are many other people impacted by the crisis. As a result, we are now going to start a Food at Five takeaway service every Thursday at 5.00pm from the outside of Trinity Church  Hall, Trinity Street. 

“Our chef Katy Harris and our team of volunteers will be providing a hot nutritional takeaway meal free of charge to those individuals or families who are on benefits or low incomes. No referral is necessary, just turn up at 5.00pm. We will be following health and safety and govt regulations re Covid-19. 

“None of this could be possible without the continuing support of our staff and volunteers and people and organisations in the town to whom we offer our sincere thanks.”

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