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What’s Next for Frome?

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Bringing town back to life post-pandemic

Anita Collier, Mayor of Frome 

There’s been some amazing work to help Frome through this crisis, with the big campaign to look out for your five neighbours, food banks being managed, food and prescriptions being delivered, businesses being kept in the loop, leaflets delivered to everyone in the town to keep everyone informed, and over 300 volunteers who have helped to keep it all rolling.

In fact, we were blown away by how quickly our volunteers signed up to support our community through the Covid-19 crisis. So many of you have selflessly given your time to help in numerous ways.  The feedback from those who have been helped is heartwarming, they, as I do, really value your time and efforts, and I can safely say you have been a lifeline to those who have needed it.

 I’m proud to be working with 16 other Independent councillor colleagues, and a lot of great council staff who are all totally committed to bringing Frome back to life.   Through our “What Next Frome” survey we have given people in the town the chance to have their say in what areas they want us to look at as we come out of lockdown.  

To this end, we’re starting a series of consultations with people from several groups including community groups, neighbourhoods, businesses, Frome arts and venues, as well as thinking about vocational training opportunities to help people back on their feet.  In all these cases we’ll be expecting to come away with at least three or four salient points that will help to kick start the town back into our usual robust and productive activity.

We’re also busily supporting the town’s shops and businesses; with the shops re-opening and the Saturday market returning, we want to encourage residents to shop local and to get our independent shops thriving again.   

The Market Place improvements will start on 22nd June and will deliver a more modern and pedestrian-friendly town centre.  While these improvements take place, the centre of the town will be closed to traffic thereby allowing shoppers to easily move around the works in a safe and socially distanced way.  Please support our local shops and businesses where you can, I hope to see you around the town.


2 Responses to What’s Next for Frome?

  1. Lesley Lanham-Cook

    June 25, 2020 at 12:11 pm

    Just reading your article on Bringing town back to life post-pandemic makes me laugh and not in a good way. Frome Town Council have CLOSED the town to through traffic just as businesses are allowed to open – BAD MOVE. We have spoken to many traders and customers who all think this is UTTER MADNESS at this particular time. Customers are contacting us to make sure we are open for business and we are letting them know the town centre is closed to through traffic but the car parks are open, they say they will avoid coming to the town until the work has been completed. Every single trader we have spoken to about this situation are NOT HAPPY. If our trade is adversely effected maybe we will just close. Three months of enforced closure followed by eleven weeks (we will be counting) of non-essential disruption is enough to finish any business.
    Sorry to rant this is not your fault but you should know our and many others feelings.

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    June 27, 2020 at 7:23 am

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