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“Improved” public toilets on the way for Victoria Park

PLANSto improve and refurbish the existing toilet block in Victoria Park are moving foward, after a delay caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A report by the town council’s environment manager, Chris Stringer said, “Inevitably, we have been interrupted by both the pandemic and lockdown;  but we are currently discussing this part of the project with three companies that specialise in the design and provision of public toilets.

“We were already looking at design ideas and technologies that will limit or remove the need to touch surfaces within the toilets;  and this is obviously something that  everyone  is more aware of and mindful of now.”

The council has already allocated £38,000 to help fund the project.

“One early estimate suggests this figure may not be enough,” continued Chris in his report, “but we are waiting for fully detailed and costed proposals from the companies mentioned; and this will give us a clear picture of both the costs and our options.”

Originally it was planned to demolish the existing toilet block and build new facilities after over 1,000 Frome residents took part in a public vote in 2017 on its future. 

However in February this year, councillors decided that a new building for the park was “proving impractical” and potentially “too costly”.

Other improvements planned for Victoria Park include demolishing the existing storage building at the middle entrance to Victoria Park; preparing a new planting scheme for the eastern boundary of the park (the one closest to and facing Mary Baily); and including new planting for the bed immediately outside the toilets.

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