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Could you donate your Winter Fuel Allowance to help others?

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AT  this time of year many people are beginning to receive cheques for their Winter Fuel Allowance. Local charity, Fair Frome, is asking for anyone who can spare some of their allowance, to consider donating it to people who need support in the town.

The government website lists those who qualify and includes people born on or before 5th April 1954, those aged over 80 and/or those on specified benefits. The payments may be received by one or both partners in a household and range from £100 to £300. The website provides all the relevant information and specifies whether you need to apply or if you will receive it automatically. For more information go to:

For many local people this allowance will be a vital addition to their income, helping them to keep warm through the winter months. 

However, every year other people prefer to donate it to charity. Fair Frome, the local charity, which delivers projects to improve the lives of local residents such as the Food Bank and Furniture Bank, are asking people, if they can afford it, to consider donating to them. 

The charity says, “Fair Frome is asking people who receive the Winter Fuel Payment and are thinking of donating some of the money to a charity, if they can afford to do so, to consider Fair Frome. The money will make a real difference and help to alleviate the effects of social deprivation and isolation in the local community.  

“Every penny raised will help a local person through a period of financial hardship or isolation. This year has been particularly hard for many residents. The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen many people in the town lose their jobs and more are expected to find themselves in difficulties as the virus continues, winter draws in and the furlough scheme ends. 

“Fair Frome has continually raised its game to meet the new challenges and demands and will continue to do so with your support. The charity has seen an unprecedented demand for food parcels, has been buying fresh food to supplement these, as well as providing financial support in partnership with other charities through its assistance scheme. 

“As Fair Frome had to close its indoor Food at Five project, it took it outside to start a Food at Five Takeaway service, which provides free hot meals for anyone receiving benefits.  

“The charity has also been supporting local schools and children on Free School Meals with our Holiday Hunger project, ensuring children get a nutritious meal during school holidays, grocery vouchers and other help. None of this would be possible without the help Fair Frome has received from the local community.

“To make a donation please go to:

“Or deliver to Fair Frome Centre, Park Road, Frome. For more information please call Wendy Miller Williams or Lenka Grimes on 01373 488578


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