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Toy library will deliver bags of fun to your door

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Frome Toy Library have responded to the needs of local families by offering an at-home delivery service for their toy-lending scheme.

Running for over 30 years, this non-profit, sustainable service has reacted to the latest lockdown at speed to offer a delivery service of over 50 different educationally-inspired toy-sacks for pre-schoolers plus family board games, for older children and parents

Run by Purple Elephant, also organisers of Frome Children’s Festival, co-director, Tracey Ashford, explains, “People felt low, bored and emotionally vulnerable in the first lockdown.  The next month may bring similar worries so we are doing all we can to offer easy access to fun to keep little hands and minds busy.

“We have had a wonderful response to our call-out for sponsors and donations so we can welcome new members and offer this service now with a wonderful selection of toys ready to go. ”

The Toy Library stay-and-play sessions will start again as soon as the law allows. In the meantime, all families in Frome and surrounding villages can borrow the re-usable play sacks and games which offer the practical benefits of ever-changing toys in the home without spending money in the run up to Christmas.

Parents can avoid creating piles of plastic, filling the home with unused play-equipment and, in addition to the emotional and educational benefits of play, create a cleaner world for all.

For details of membership (only £20 or £10 for a whole year), to request a list of board-games and to view a selection of the 50 play-sacks, please contact the  ‘Toy Library’ page at website  

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    November 21, 2020 at 3:10 pm

    that was really idea and i want to try that, thanks frometime for letting me know about toy library

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