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New headteacher for Selwood Academy

IN what has been a most unusual term in every school in the country, Selwood Academy have welcomed their new headteacher, Dan Jeffries. 

The academy reports, “Selwood Academy, which currently has the highest percentage of students meeting expected standards and overall progress scores in the DFe league tables for middle schools locally, is very excited as it moves into a new era. 

“Mr Jeffries has arrived having previously been headteacher at Wyvern College in Salisbury, as well as Amesbury Primary.  During that time he was recognised nationally for the school improvement work that he has led and impact that this had on young people’s lives. He has subsequently spoken nationally about ideas in leading school improvement, and will continue to provide support to headteachers and schools in the Southwest.” 

Dan Jeffries said, “My pledge as a leader, is a disruption free environment in which every individual is given the opportunity to be challenged, succeed and find their talent. This is achieved through a robust, diverse education experience and is an area we are already further developing from a very strong starting point.”

The academy continued, “Despite such an unusual set of circumstances for Mr Jeffries to begin his tenure, he already feels the strong sense of community, “It is a truly magical place and my interactions around the school have already given me a real sense of the breadth and depth of the wonderful all-round educational experience which its children receive from the dedicated staff. 

“This was supported in the 2019 Section 48 Inspection that the school received in which it was judged as Excellent.” 

He highlighted, “I am incredibly proud to lead such a fantastic school and I have great confidence that the school will grow from strength to strength in meeting the needs of the community and allowing every member of the school to flourish.”

One Response to New headteacher for Selwood Academy

  1. Dave Head

    February 18, 2021 at 10:10 am

    I have heard nothing but good things about the new head, supporting staff and high expectations or students and well as engaging with parents and making immediate improvements.

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