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Campaigners ready to fight plans for 1,700 new homes

CAMPAIGNERS are preparing to fight an upcoming planning application for the ‘Selwood Garden Community’ – a development that proposes to build 1,700 houses to the south of the town.

The ‘Stop SGC’ campaign says that if approved, the development will have a “devastating effect” on Frome.

In anticipation of the outline planning application being submitted to Mendip District Council – which developers have confirmed to Frome Times will be in spring/early summer – the Stop SGC campaign is encouraging residents to help raise the profile of the campaign by displaying posters.

Stop SGC campaigners told Frome Times, “A proposal on this scale will have a devastating effect on Frome. 

“It would mean increasing Frome’s population by as much as 15% with no new services and see an area double the size of Bruton tacked onto the town without the infrastructure to support it. 

“There would be thousands more cars clogging our already-congested streets. And that’s before you even think about all the productive farmland, beautiful green spaces and important wildlife habitats that will be destroyed just to put up mostly executive homes. 

“This is not a low-density, green development. It is a mega-site backed by out-of-town financiers with no consideration for the people or character of Frome.

“Please help us to raise the profile of the campaign by displaying posters wherever you think people will see them.”

Concerns about the 1,700-strong housing development have already been raised by residents and Frome Town Council in a pre-application public consultation.

Impact on traffic, an already stretched town infrastructure, the environmental impact of the development, and sustainable building standards, were some of the concerns raised at a town council meeting last year.

Residents also highlighted the shortage of middle and secondary schools to support the expansion of the town; and also questioned how a development of this size sits with Frome’s ‘climate emergency’ – highlighting the number of additional cars that will be brought into the area.

For more information about the Stop SGC campaign and to download posters, visit the website:

2 Responses to Campaigners ready to fight plans for 1,700 new homes

  1. Joe Public

    April 2, 2021 at 12:44 pm

    No names again then, yet this is front page news. No comment from council or developers. Hardly balanced news.

  2. An other

    April 6, 2021 at 9:55 am

    Just typical of the nimbys that have moved here from the notting hill set.

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