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THE Elizabethan Evening is Going Overboard this year with two outdoor performances of the nationally acclaimed Illyria Theatre Company’s production of HMS Pinafore! at the historical Manor Farm Corsley on Sunday 1st August. 

“Having sold out for the last few years, putting on two performances seemed the right thing to do.  And with coming out of Covid people seem to want to get back to normal and to book up!”, said chairman John Helliar. 

“Set on board the warship HMS Pinafore, the opera cheerfully mocks such Great British institutions as class, patriotism and the Royal Navy. Josephine the captain’s daughter is in love with Ralph a common sailor, but her father wants her to marry Sir Joseph Porter, First Lord of the Admiralty.  

“The couple are caught as they elope from the ship and Ralph is locked in the ship’s dungeon. Only when certain revelations are made by Buttercup, a dockside vendor, can everyone end up freely marrying their true hearts’ loves. 

“This wonderful comic opera gets the complete Illyria treatment, faithfully performed by a reduced cast on a beautiful nautical set. 

“There will be some social distancing measures in place compliant with Covid regulations at the time.  The audience must bring their own seating. Tickets: or 01373 832 113.” 

Claire da Costa at Manor Farm added, Over the years we have raised more than £50,000 for local charities and this year we’ll be sending any profit to our two local food banks in Frome and Warminster.

“The Elizabethan Eve-ning has been going for 17 years. My husband, Chris da Costa, and I started it at Manor Farm which is an Elizabethan House in Corsley, that once was refuge for Sir Walter Raleigh when out of favour at court!  

“His brother Carew subsequently married Sir John Thynne of Longleat’s widow.   Initially we ran the event ourselves for quite a few years but, as it grew and the audience got bigger year on year, we formed a committee.

“Illyria Theatre Co. we feel are the best!  Over the years we have had other professional Theatre Companies but have always gone back to Illyria!”

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