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Fair Frome still need your laptops!

LOCAL charity Fair Frome which runs the local food bank, furniture bank, Food at Five weekly community meals, Holiday Hunger and other projects designed to help those in acute financial need, are continuing to support people by providing laptops.  

On behalf of the charity, Lenka Grimes said, “Last year through the lockdowns, with people having to work at home and children being educated online, there was high demand for laptops and over 50 were issued by the charity.  

“However, there is still a need as many local people are having to retrain and re-qualify as the employment situation has changed over the last year and some children still don’t have access to a device in their home. 

“NTS Computing kindly donated two laptops last week that they had refurbished for us.  Their customers have kindly donated or have given them old laptops to recycle, so what better way to reduce landfill and give these devices extra life by refurbishing them and donating to local people who need some extra help? 

“If you have a laptop you are no longer using and want to donate it, please contact us or drop off to the Fair Frome centre behind the town hall.  

“Donations will need to meet certain requirements to make sure they can be reasonably usable by someone else.  All data will be securely erased.” 

For more information about Fair Frome visit or FairFrome or phone 01373 488578/07714 587129 

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