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New book from local author is a case of Deja Lu!

FROME author, Crysse Morrison, has published a new book, Déjà Lu. 

The new book is a collection of 37 short stories about love, life and the peculiarities of relationships.

Crysse says, “The quirky title is a joke about these stories having been not just ‘already seen’ but ‘already read’ too, since most have been published in a variety of magazines and anthologies or read on BBC radio. 

“Consequently, they are very varied in mood, covering a range of themes, from romance and longing to plots and passions.” 

Local author and reviewer, Suzy Howlett,found them “a delight in just the same way that a selection box of hand-made chocolates is – you can select and taste the soft-centres, the nutty, the rich and dark, the hard-boiled, the sweet, the fruity and the plain gorgeous. They are all delicious!” 

This classy-looking paperback is published by Hobnob Press for £8.95, with a stunning cover image taken from a painting by Frome artist David Moss.  

It’s available from Hunting Raven Books or the author (contact by email crysse@crysse.comor Facebook) who will post a dedicated copy for £10.80.

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