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More scrapstore fun on the way!

ANOTHER pop-up scrapstore event is on its way to Frome, and local charity The Pod is asking the community if they want a permanent scrapstore in the town. 

The pop-up event will be the third and final chance for people to experience the fun of a scrapstore – it will be held on Tuesday 12th October at the Cheese and Grain, 11am to 2pm. 

The charity says, “For anyone interested in a permanent scrapstore for Frome there is still time to show your support and add your views to the consultation. There will be a final opportunity to access The Pod’s last pop-up scrapstore in the Cheese and Grain on Tuesday 12th October, between 11-2pm.  There will be an entry fee of £1 (children under 12, students with support staff and home-schooled children will be free). Cash and card payments are fine on the day. 

“The latest pop-up scrapstore in the Cheese & Grain was well supported on the 7th September. The scrapstore is appealing to such a wide audience with schools bringing along students and teachers and nursery staff stocking up on supplies for a fraction of the usual cost.   

“Parents and childminders have brought their children along to buy supplies but also to enjoy the crafting stations and toy library on offer.  Now that restrictions are easing there are more artists and creative people, many of whom were able to source materials to produce costumes and theatre props for upcoming shows.” 

Pod Charity manager, Sue Paxton, added, “If you have never been to a scrapstore we would urge you to come along and try it out, about 65% of those who have attended so far have never experienced a scrapstore before and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“The potential of the scrapstore is huge, as currently the nearest scrapstore is located over 20 miles away, poor transport links has meant this isn’t accessible to many. It would be wonderful to have a scrapstore in Frome benefitting so many people and providing an inclusive workspace for Pod members, adults with additional needs, and young people generally who would benefit from real life work opportunities. 

“Scrapstores are well established across the country, providing an opportunity for the community to spend a small amount of money on scrap that could be the makings of so many things.  Please bring along your own bag for life and fill it with scrap, a small spend on the day can offer hours of creativity or play potential.  Most of the scrap has been donated by businesses and industry, instead of ending up in landfill they get a second lease of life through interesting artistic and play activities. 

“Once again there will be a large area focusing on creative play with scrap for the children to get involved.  Creative Cats ‘n’ Kittens will be on hand sharing ideas about what you could do with all the unique items available on the day. 

“The Bristol Children’s Scrapstore team have been sharing their expertise with The Pod and are transporting the contents of their warehouse to the Cheese and Grain on the day.  If you would like to find out more or add your support to the project please do get in touch.  Any ideas for a potential venue would be welcome, the Pod team are also seeking commercial partners in the local area that may have residual non-hazardous materials that could be put to good use.” 

Please contact Sue via the website or telephone 07709 231536. 

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