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2,000 speeding offences in 28 months – just in Warminster Road!

WITH winter approaching, the latest updates for speeding offences in and around Frome show no signs of reducing according to Mendip Community Speed Watch. 

“It is so frustrating”, said Ashley Reay, Mendip CSW coordinator, “when you stand at the roadside with the traffic police and cars slow to see what is happening then accelerate and get recorded for speeding. It is simply ‘won’t slow down rather than can’t’ and with new hand-held speed detection equipment being used then offences are rocketing. 

“One of the Somerset highest areas for speeding in a 30mph limit, is Warminster Road, Frome, it now totals well over 2,000 speeding offences in 28 months with a conservative estimate of fines being very close to, if not exceeding, £225,000.” 

“This is,” said Ashley, “an obscene amount of money being paid when there simply is no need for it as it is something the motorist does not have to pay. The fines, along with penalty points and court appearances, show Frome motorists in a very poor light. Slow down, be safe, save money. 

“There are no specific groups responsible for excess speeds as the offences are from the very young drivers to those of advanced years. 

“The police have reported that at other sites at Berkley school and Styles Hill have also had high numbers of prosecutions which are so disappointing as the police speed checks have now gone from monthly, down to weekly, now almost daily in the Frome area. 

“There will only be one eventual winner in the war against the speeding motorist and that will be the police.” 

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